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The district Neuperlach is located in the southeast of Munich, Germany. The neighborhood was built in 1967 on a green meadow. This accommodation is composed of large developments, located east of the old village of Perlach. Neuperlach is one of the biggest satellite cities in Germany. The district is surrounded on its western side by Ramersdorf Perlach, in the north by Berg am Laim and Trudering-Riem, on the east and south by Waldperlach Neubiberg. The Hachinger Bach river crosses the western district. The river flows from south to north.

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Picture 1. Aerial view (Reference:

In the years of 1950 Munich grew quickly. There was a large housing shortage. So there was a plan to create a place with 23,000 to 80,000 flats. The object of this concept was the creation of a full urban life. Referred to the Architect's plan, Bernt Lauter, was the creation of a stunning residential ring. The houses should have a height of 18 floors or less and a free surface between each of at least 400-500 meters in diameter. The priority urban objectives were the desatomización of traditional urban structures, revegetation, separation of functions, separation of traffic and optimal illumination by the sun.

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Picture 2. Apartment buildings (Reference:

The main use of concrete as a building material created an architectural monotony. Like many other satellite cities of this time, Neuperlach has problems with the negative consequences of the decisions of city planning: significant social problems of youth crime and drug-related crime; a high proportion of residents economically weakness and / or problems with the integration of foreigner into society. There are also early signs of obsolescence. With the creation of Neuperlach Süd the landscape changed completely. A green landscape became a satellite city. So the nature was almost completely destroyed and replaced with a concrete landscape.

Zsofia Varga

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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