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Do we think Green when it comes to voting?

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Paula Gómez Olivares. Student at ETSI Caminos, Canales y Puertos

Through this post inside the PUMA blog, I’m going to make you aware of the election programmes of the three most voted parties in Madrid in the last votes called on 4 May 2021. There are the PSOE, PP and Más Madrid.

The vulnerability of the environment is now undeniable and to prevent it from being more indeable, responsible action must be taken. A small but important step is to make a good decision when voting. From this post I explain the topics of Energy and Environment and Infrastructure so that you know at least the Electoral Programmes and have the ability to choose with Green in mind.

Energy and Environment:

  • The PSOE Electoral Programme proposes the introduction of environmental clauses in public contracts, reducing emissions by 50% by 2030, providing aid to the electric car and charging network in the region, expanding natural parks and banning land for 30 years following a forest fire.
  • The PP Electoral Programme proposes planting 500.000 trees in the region, making one decarbonisation incentive scheme and another to reduce consumption by 15% and increase renewable energy by 40%, incentivize the purchase of low-emission vehicles and create a Green Arch of roads that unites the region’s large natural spaces.
  • The Más Madrid Electoral Programme bets on photovoltaic energy, to provide aid to electric vehicles of SMEs and freelancers, establish low emission crown of Madrid that connects with natural spaces and prohibit for 30 years of urbanizing on land after a forest fire.

Each of the three agrees to provide aid or incentives for the purchase or use of the electric car, in the expansion or creation of green spaces in the region and in reducing emissions and increasing renewable energy.

In addition, the PSOE and Más Madrid Electoral Programme agrees to prohibit the urbanization of a land after a forest fire for 30 years.

The Sierra de Guadarrama, the expansion of green spaces like these is what political parties are betting on.


  • The PSOE Electoral Programme proposes to reform the Regional Transport Consortium for a new distribution of funding, make public transport free during high-pollution episodes, expand young subscription, make an urban mobility pact to “fairly” integrate taxi and VTC, and finally create a new metro circular line linking the new suburbs.
  • The PP Electoral Programme putting a seat fare for all transport areas on weekends, creating the bus-vao lane on the A2, A3, A5 and A42, full liberalization of the taxi and VTC sectors, expanding Metro lines 11 and 3, increasing train frequencies across the network and actions on regional roads to improve connectivity.
  • The Más Madrid Electoral Programme create a social subscription and a special fertilizer for families in public transport, support mobility by bicycle, build regional exchangers to “break the radiality”, expand metro lines and crash plan to reduce waits and regulate the VTC as a precontracted service and recognize the taxi as a public service.

Each of the three recognizes creating a pact to integrate the VTC and taxi; and expand the subway lines.

In addition, the PSOE and Más Madrid Electoral Programme agree to create a social subscription.

Extension of a metro line.

I think both parties agree very much in offering proposals related to the environment, but I have missed proposals to defend biodiversity and water care. Both are much needed for the development of the planet and for basic human needs.

Today it is important to know this, this post makes readers reflect, to look at this again before voting for next time. It is important because we must take of the planet to ensure environmental well-being for generations to come.

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