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The municipality of São Paulo de Santo Antonio de Posse lived an endless nightmare. Mantovani landfill, a kind of open-pit dump that since the 70 was used as a disposal area of ​​industrial and toxic waste by 59 large companies is. Retained contaminants continue today hurting and (Conduct Adjustment Agreement) signed by AAC polluting companies with the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Attorney General and the TSAE (Environmental Sanitation Technology Company) have already been 11 changes without the area has been cleared. So at least demonstrates a systemic lack of institutional and legal will of all involved to effectively repair the environmental damage.


Intervention organ responsible

TSAE demanded the cessation in 1987, when it has verified the existence of groundwater contamination at the site of installation, fining the landfill Mantovani and demanding environmental recovery of the area.

Although the suspension of the activities of companies, TSAE maintains a system of supervision and monitoring of the site, through sampling techniques and periodic inspections monitoring wells, wells supply neighboring sites and water bodies.


Action Attorney


The Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo joined in 1988, with a public civil action against the industrial landfill and CETRIN by county Mogi Mirim. As a result of this action in 1995, responsible for industrial landfills and CETRIN was sentenced to pay compensation to the rehabilitation of the area severely damaged by all this pollution.

Given that the actions taken by both the TSAE and prosecution so far produced no practical effect because the owner of the landfill and CETRIN not meet the stated requirements, citing financial difficulties (with fillings of the area went into state abandonment), since 2000, TSAE and prosecutor decided jointly to sue companies that waste deposited in landfills, in seeking solutions to environmental responsibility that was implemented to resolve this situation.

This action resulted in the signing of 01/09/2001 Engagement Agreement between most of the companies involved and the prosecution, with the consent of the TSAE instrument, amended several times, has been responsible for the development of actions to safeguard the risk recipients, diagnose pollution in the area and currently implement the necessary measures for ongoing rehabilitation.


The measures taken

• Taking all reasonable steps to protect the risk of receptors identified in the surrounding area, including the supply of drinking water to the residents affected sites;

• Coverage of solid waste that were still open in the area;

• Stabilization of the landfill, including repair and adjustment layers of coverage and application of rainwater drains the slopes of the ditches;

• Implementation of an adequate drainage system on the sides and front areas of the site with the segregation of percolated liquids and rainwater.

• Treatment and proper disposal of leachate;

• Implementation of hydraulic barriers to contain contamination plumes in order to prevent the spread of contaminants from the property's outdoor landfill;


• implementing the system pump and treat contaminated groundwater in the region of increased pollution, to reduce its spread;

• Start the removal and proper disposal and waste present in the liquid without coverage in one of the ditches; Conducting a comprehensive assessment of contamination and risk assessment study;

• Environmental monitoring of the area and its surroundings. Are being discussed under the agreement signed by the companies deposit waste in place, the State Attorney's Office, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the TSAE actions to be implemented, with the following objectives:

– Completion of diagnosis of pollution, particularly in relation to the characterization of the waste deposited, the study of risk assessment and proposed measures for permanent rehabilitation of the area.

  – Implementing measures for the permanent rehabilitation of the area, to be agreed jointly with TSAE and prosecutors.

If you look at the picture of the environmental impact, the following links:

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