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Day 13: A great day in Hangzhou 20th of July.Today, we woke up early to spend the day in Hangzhou. The bus ride from Tongji was long but we spend

Today we woke up feeling more creative than ever! It is 8 am and it is at least 40 degrees. However, that doesn’t stop us from feeling excited about today´s

The day started with the usual breakfast in the cafe. Then, we attended a lecture with Mr. Alfonso Noriega, Economic Consul of Spain in Shanghai, about China-Spain commerce opportunities. This

The morning of our tenth day here in China started with an interesting lecture: "Trends in industrial design", by Joan. We have discussed about how we can add value to

On the 17/07, we woke up very early (6 AM) in order to get into a bus, where we had to wait for 3 hours until we arrived at our

With about one week of learning and communication, we all have begun to adapt to China. Today, on July 15st, we also have a meaningful day for our project. This

lunes, 17 de julio de 2017 13:36 Friday 14th July We started the day, as always, with a good breakfast and continued working on the development of ideas in groups

Fourth day in China, Innovation there we go! We started the day in an energetic mood with our daily Chinese breakfast at the university. After this we kept developing our

The day started at 6:30 am. With a classical beautiful Chinese cold morning, what a beautiful way to start a refreshing day with 0% of humidity while thermometers didn´t seem

11st of July. Already four days here in Shanghai and we are getting used to the Chinese lifestyle. As usual, we spend the morning at the Tongji campus. Today, we