Summer Shool 2017 (MLI) Day 13 and 14 – The last two days!

Summer Shool 2017 (MLI) Day 13 and 14 – The last two days!

Day 13: A great day in Hangzhou
20th of July.Today, we woke up early to spend the day in Hangzhou.
The bus ride from Tongji was long but we spend that time working on our final presentation of our project.
When we arrived, we went to visit the facilities of Dahua Technology, provider of video surveillance products and services, where they showed us the technological innovations in their surveillance cameras.
After that visit, we had lunch and we took the bus again to spend the rest of the day in the lake where we could stroll and enjoy the spectacular landscapes. We took a walk and then enjoyed the sunset from the Pagoda.
Finally, we caught a boat on the lake, to go back to the bus.
Day 14: The best day: final presentation
Finally, the best day came.
After spending a long day in Hangzhou, some of the colleges worked during the night. In the morning we were closing the final presentation in the restaurant and in the university.
And finally all started. Claudio used an application to generate random numbers for the order in the presentation. We presented the hard working that we made along this two weeks, in a high level and with really good ideas and marketing.
Then, when the act was concluded, Claudio and the jury, which had made so many questions, decided which the three best groups were, and the final ranking was:
1st.   Light-plants;
2nd.  NiHao flats;
3rd.   Jungle city.
We really spent a good time there, with our mentors and Claudio’s team. And we
received presents from the jury: batteries, bands, ear phones and also T-shirts. We believe that from this project in 2 weeks, everyone has benefit a lot and learned how to build a start-up, operate a company, cooperate and think in different ways.

After the presentation, we all had a delicious dinner and enjoyed a great time in the Hyatt Bar. We chatted together and viewed the best scene of Shanghai. The next day, we will come back to Spanish and start a new journey.

Thank you so much for the big effort that you have done. This experience would be our best memory that we will never forget.

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