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How can science-fiction narratives help anticipate future technology developments and their impact on society? This is the departing question of the I EELISA Science-fiction Short Stories Contest. China will be the

UPM has launched the third edition of the "International Summer School". This summer school is for international students who wish to study at the best technological universities in Spain and

Everyone is welcome to participate in the 2019 Lantern Festival celebrations for the Year of the Pig!   Date: February 15, 2019 Time: 12:00-16:00 Location: UPM Caminos campus, ciudad universitaria

The New Year is approaching, even if we are nearly 10,000 kilometers away from our hometown, we can still smell the smell of the new year in the air. Looking

After several years of preparation, José Luis Hernández Vázquez made a wonderful compilation of materials, gathered in the exhibition "Badminton in Art", which has been traveling to different places in

Tinta China is a periodic publication by the Department of Education of Spain basically destinated to professors and students from Spain who live in China and vice versa. The idea

Durante los dias 30 de marzo a 17 de abril de 2017 se realizará en el vestíbulo de la 1ª planta de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Caminos una

We already have a winner of the 1st Fotography Contest of the Sino-Spanish Campus selected by the jury of the S-SC. LYU NINGJUE with her photograhy ” Xmas in Iceland”  wins the

S-SC organizes cultural activities together with the Education Divisions of of Consulate General and the Embassy of Spain in China and Cervantes Library: Exhibition of Spanish Traditional Dance. Film Week