Summer Shool 2017 (MLI) Day 12 – Innovation, we are almost there!

Summer Shool 2017 (MLI) Day 12 – Innovation, we are almost there!

Today we woke up feeling more creative than ever! It is 8 am and it is at least 40 degrees. However, that doesn’t stop us from feeling excited about today´s assignment. Therefore, and after our daily Chinese breakfast on campus we go to class. There, we see Claudio, he explains us more details about the Lean Canvas methodology.

We work in teams with this methodology and we were especially focused in our project. We learnt how to pay attention to the main customers, their needs, how to define clearly our ideas and modify them in order to improve them. Our tutors helped us in this interesting task.
Teams working on their projects

Lunch time! In this intense journey, we always try to make the best of our time, that means working every free minute we have and everywhere (even in the bus)! Today we had more time that we used in improving our final presentation.
After that, we had the opportunity to visit a company run by two Spanish people and it was not an ordinary one, it was an accelerator. We were very lucky to hear in first person the story of one of its founders. All of us asked questions about his personal life, China from his perspective, about future trends and details of the company. We felt really excited to have such a great approach in a Chinese company.

We were done working for the day! In Shanghai, there is always something cool to do so we head to M50 the art district of the city. We saw the painted walls and the futurist galleries. After that we went for a walk and saw the sunset in another unknown district of the city.

But the day was NOT OVER. We had a quick shower, a little bit of perfume and we were ready to party. We wanted to live the night in one of the best clubs of Shanghai and that is what we did. We finished the night in Mint, a luxury club with an aquarium and incredible views. It was breathtaking…we don’t want to leave!

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