Summer Shool 2017 (MLI) Day 9- A visit to CNTY

Summer Shool 2017 (MLI) Day 9- A visit to CNTY

On the 17/07, we woke up very early (6 AM) in order to get into a bus, where we had to wait for 3 hours until we arrived at our destination for the day: Tianying, the biggest waste management company in China.
Upon arrival, we were supposed to present an idea on the topic of innovation in environmental urban services. Therefore, most of the groups used the time spent inside the bus to polish their ideas and prepare Power Point presentations.

When we finally stepped out of the bus, we were given an interactive tour through the waste processing plant while a guide explained to us the main phases and key details. Afterwards, we got into the bus again and visited the company’s headquarters, where we got to see some of the most recent products, innovation and services, such a recycling containers that promote separating garbage into the main recycling groups through a credit system. Those credits are then stored into an application and can be exchanged for more products/services. We also got to see the main control room, where we saw how the plant’s main activities were monitored.

Having finished the tour, we entered a conference hall, where each group explained their ideas to the vicepresident and other workers.
Then, we were invited for a lunch with the president himself, where we got the chance to try out some of the region’s most typical dishes, including some we had never heard of before, such as Alligator snapper (A kind of turtle) and pufferfish.
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After lunch, we got into the bus and traveled back to Shanghai. Back in Tongji, we had dinner and some beers while playing games.

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