Summer Shool 2017 (MLI) Day 10- Trends in industrial design

Summer Shool 2017 (MLI) Day 10- Trends in industrial design

The morning of our tenth day here in China started with an interesting lecture: “Trends in industrial design”, by Joan. We have discussed about how we can add value to our products as designers, and also learnt some insights about what the concept “best product” actually means. The totally different backgrounds each of us comes from explains the variety of opinions we had about the topic.

There are many different philosophies when designing a product, from which we’ll be able to extract some useful principles for our designs. As architects and engineers, we should have an integrated approach to any design problem, in order to reach the best solution to our customer’s requirements.
We also had a brief talk in which Claudio explained the main points we should take into account for our final pitch: we only have four days before the deadline! Now, we understand how important is to get involved in our ideas to convince our investors, and also the relevance of a good overview of the whole process.
After lunch, we had some free time to visit Shanghai. Different groups spread around the city: markets in the old town, ancient temples and peaceful gardens… there are many different opportunities to get lost in this bustling city.

We visited the Temple of City’s God, a traditional temple in the heart of old Shanghai, and the Yu Gardens, where we wandered in this quiet corner of the city, surrounded by water, ancient buildings and singular sculptured rocks.

This area is a wonderful place to walk, as the old town is a small pearl in a huge city, perfect to know a perspective different from the modern China. This old town turns magical as the darkness floods the streets.

It is curious to see the strong contrasts when you walk hundred meters away from the touristic places.
Some of us decided to buy some things in one of the well-known markets in Shanghai, enjoying the experience of seeking, bargaining, and buying. These material souvenirs we are carrying home join all the memories and experiences we are living, but also the knowledge insights we are getting in this Summer Camp at Tongji University.

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