Water and Sanitation for Development

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Water and Sanitation  is a cooperation group integrated by teachers, service personnel, ETSIDI students, as well as other schools and volunteers.

Its main objective is universal access to water and sanitation for all, through the study of supply and sanitation technologies suitable for developing contexts. Its projects range from supply to water quality analysis, through distribution, rainwater collection, design of sanitation systems and purification, never forgetting that water is a universal right.

From this objective, the Solidarity Tuesdays arose to generate meeting and dissemination spaces that allow cooperation to be brought closer to the academic environment, focusing especially on SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation.

Rope Pump

Gotas de sol (Sun Drops)

Illustrative video of the construction and assembly of a raised rope pump. It is a manual wind-up pump made mostly of recycled materials.

Video made by the ecolution-a association in collaboration with students and teachers of hydraulics applied to development (UPM).

Gotas de sol is a 17-minute educational documentary made between Madrid and Tanzania by members of the Ecolution-a Association, the GCSASpD and numerous volunteer collaborators.

With the problem of lack of access to drinking water as a backdrop, ‘Gotas de sol’ talks about a low-cost solution for improving water quality at the domestic level, solar disinfection, also known as the SODIS method. A method that eliminates bacteriological contamination and does not require more energy consumption than sunlight.

Platform Active Members

Javier de Mingo
Noemí Merayo