ICTs for Development

Why is it Important?

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are strategic tools for development and cooperation, both individual and collective since they affect many aspects of life – education, access to the labor market, health, business management, information, communication, etc.

The unequal use of ICTs contributes to increasing the differences in opportunities and development in the world, making it increasingly difficult to promote the improvement of the capacities and opportunities of people without them. If developing communities do not integrate the use of ICT in some way, social, economic and political inequalities with more developed communities will increase.


“ICTs are an increasingly powerful instrument to be able to participate in world markets; promote political responsibility; improve the provision of basic services, and realize local development opportunities. But without innovative ICT policies, many people in countries in development – especially the poor – will lag behind” UNDP

Our Objective

Improve the living conditions of African communities, paying special attention to the most vulnerable groups, through multidisciplinary projects and collaborative actions that integrate the use of Information and Communication Technologies.

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African Communities 

Technology with Superpowers

Technology with Superpowers


Digital Opportunities (DIGOPPS)

Digital Opportunities (DIGOPPS)