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The ICHaB was established with the purpose of providing a response to the global dimension of the problem of the slums. Throughout more than twenty uninterrupted years of enthusiastic, professional and, at times, altruistic work, different activities have been developed:  postgraduate teaching,  cooperation projects for development in basic habitability, research-action and awareness-dissemination.

The team’s objectives are none other than to obtain a deep understanding of the importance of the growing problem of scarcity, called “Basic Habitability” from different scales, that is, from territorial and urban design and planning to the design of elements and processes. as well as the selection of materials and systems. The term “basic habitability” defines exactly what constitutes one of the great problems of humanity and, therefore, an attempt has been made to use all available means to spread it through teaching, applied research, technical publications and the implementation of Basic Habitability projects in South America and Africa, mainly.

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Juana Canet Roselló