Agricultural Systems

The Agricultural Systems Group (AgSystems) is a consolidated group of the Polytechnic University of Madrid made up of 11 researchers of different levels. It is part of the Center for Studies and Research for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks (CEIGRAM) -a joint research center of the UPM- and of two clusters of the CEI Moncloa: the Global Change and New Energies and the Agri-Food and Health . They also participate in two educational innovation groups -AgSystems and Arbol- and a Cooperation Group, which is part of the Center for Innovation in Technology for Human Development (itd-UPM).

The lines of work include: the management of water and nitrogen in agricultural systems, the impact and adaptations to change and climate variability in cropping systems, and the modeling of agricultural systems.

The Agsystems research group focuses its work on the study of agricultural and cultivation systems and their relationship with the environment. The final objective is the design of strategies or alternatives that allow maintaining the sustainability of cultivation systems under current and future conditions. For this they carry out research projects based on field trials and the use of mathematical simulation models.

The group participates in projects and national and international work groups focused on improving the efficiency of nitrogen use in agriculture. Spanish, having members of the group involved in the European Panel of Nitrogen Experts (EUNEP) and the International N management initiative (INMS). We actively participate in the development and evaluation of cultivation models within the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) platform.

In the area of ​​cooperation, AgSystems collaborates in agricultural reactivation projects and in the reinforcement between universities via curriculum and mobility of students and teachers. Likewise, it actively participates in the Spanish Network for Research in Agriculture for Development.