Project Manager

Name: Consuelo Fernández Jiménez
Tel: +34 910675899

Brief description of the project

Collective development of opens source supporting products with digital manufacturing technology. Low-cost prostheses and devices are designed, developed and manufactured mainly for children with functional disabilities (wheelchair, arm and hand prostheses, etc.). It is carried out in cooperation with the Autofabricantes association and users are involved in the design process. Multidisciplinary groups made up of people with academic and professional profiles from different fields (physiotherapy, materials, 3D printing, computer engineering, mechanics, aerospace, industrial, etc.) are working together.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 3: Target 3.4
  • SDG 4: Target 4.7
  • SDG 10: Targets 10.2 and 10.3
  • SDG 17: Target 17.7

Target population

Master’s degree or undergraduate’s senior students interested in conducting their Final Undergraduates’ Degree Project/Final Master’s Degree Project or internship on these topics.

Activities to be carried out by students

  • Design, develop, manufacture and validate the prototypes with their users. They are complex projects, so they require continuity throughout several successive projects.
  • Attend and participate in collective and group working sessions, to share their projects progress.
  • Take part in specific workshops with the user’s families to co-design prototypes of specific devices in which they are working.
  • Cooperate in the collection of required information for the projects follow-up and evaluation.
  • Support for dissemination activities. Participate in events to share their experiences and results.