Project Manager

Name: Patricia Aguilera Benito
Tel: +34 679568267

Brief description of the project

The project aims on the one hand to raise awareness of personal responsibility and self-control as a way to solve problems in cities and on the other hand to provide solutions to improve the urban environment in different locations. It aims to promote ideas related to the revitalisation of the city from a perspective of urban, social and economic sustainability. On the other hand, it favours the formation in values and learning of the university students who will participate in the project.  It is an initiative to involve students of different subjects and from different universities, who will contribute ideas and solutions to improve our city.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 4. Quality education
  • SDG 10. Reduced inequalitie
  • SDG 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Target population

It will affect all bachelor’s or master’s degree students (preferably TFM or TFG), teachers and all those involved in the chosen community.

Activities to be carried out by students

The students will work in teams to design an action plan that will try to convince them of the importance of addressing noise, accessibility, energy efficiency, etc., from a perspective of collective responsibility. The students will present their improvement project proposals in a competition and a jury will then be able to evaluate the projects presented. From here they will be guided and will carry out different actions, such as talks in Neighbourhood Associations explaining, for example, how to avoid noise in community living and how to acoustically renovate a building. Using the acoustic problem as an example, other activities are also proposed, such as: videotaped talks and posting them on the internet and disseminating them on social networks, taking real measurements with a sound level meter of the noise levels inside some homes, making posters with messages that force people to think and hanging them next to the “forbidden”. signs, etc.