Project Manager

Name: Javier García Martín
Tel: 910673660

Brief description of the project

The project has a twofold objective. On the one hand, to improve the employability and physical and mental health of young people from deprived backgrounds. On the other hand, to promote value education and the university students’ learning who will act as mentors and instructors in different activities. For that purpose, two types of integrated activities are proposed:

  1. Sports activities that favour their physical and mental health. They will be coordinated by the professors from the INEF (The Faculty of Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport), and they include two complementary blocks. First, the design, implementation and monitoring of individual training programmes to foster self-esteem and personal care. Second, games and innovative team sports (i. e., Kinball, Tchoukball) to develop communication and teamwork skills.
  2. Technological training workshops to promote their self-esteem and favour their integration into the employment market. It will be focused on Scratch ( with an introduction to video game programming. Besides, it also includes activities to improve communication skills within social networks for job search, with guidelines for the development of content and a professional profile.

In any case, a group of professors will be responsible for these activities, coordinating and providing all the necessary support. It is planned to use an area within the UPM facilities for the participants to study and work, it may be a motivating element for them to get involved. At the end, they will receive a diploma during an academic ceremony to which families will be invited. The estimated duration will be between 80-100 hours.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 3: Target 3.4
  • SDG 4: Target 4.3, 4.4 and 4.7
  • SDG 10: Targets 10.2 and 10.3
  • SDG 17: Target 17.7

Target population

Students with basic knowledge related to the subjects of the project. Clearly, students from those degrees related to this activity are attending computer science schools, telecommunications and the Faculty of Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport (INEF).

Activities to be carried out by students

At all times, students should have an active participation in the project development, since they are the direct mentors and instructors of the youths participating in the programme. Therefore, the students’ activities are the following:

  • Participate in specific workshops for prior training in matters related to the activity to be carried out.
  • Act as instructors and drivers of activities to be carried out with the young people attending the course.
  • Attend and participate in individual and group follow-up sessions on the course development.
  • Cooperate in the collection of required information for the projects follow-up and evaluation.
  • Support for dissemination activities. Participate in events to share their experiences and results.