Project Manager

Name: Javier García Martín
Tel: +34 910673660

Name: Ana Peñalver Blanco
Tel: +34 913354275

Brief description of the project

With the socio-economic models of the 20th century revealed as incapable of meeting the challenges of our times, health and climate crises are disrupting our social fabric and accentuating inequalities throughout the world. Since its creation in 1863, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has always strived for a more humane and peaceful world; one in which the wellbeing and the aspirations of the most vulnerable people around the world are cared for and prioritized. 

Taking into account the complexity of the access to financial resources and in order to respond to the constant evolution of social needs, it is necessary to promote open innovation and local experimentation in such a way that the social impact of the activities is maximized. aimed at people with the greatest need. RED Social Innovation ( ) is an international resource center dedicated to social and technological innovation. With the support of the French Red Cross, and its Innovation Accelerator 21, and the Spanish Red Cross, through the Social Technologies Foundation, TECSOS.  Its goal is to test, scale and highlight social innovations created and developed within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, in social entities, or by other private or public actors. 

Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 9: Target 9.b
  • SDG 10: Target 10.2 and 10.3
  • SDG 17: Target 17.1, 17.6, 17,7, 17.9 and 17.17

Target population

Master’s degree or final degree students interested in doing their TFG / TFM or internships in companies on these topics.

Activities to be carried out by students

  • Collaborate in the identification of technological innovation projects or initiatives with social impact at a national and international level, with a special focus on third sector entities.
  • Participate in international meetings with third sector and private entities to learn about and analyze innovation projects. Internal and external work meetings will preferably be held in English.
  • Technical evaluation of solutions, projects, initiatives and pilots through established indicators.
  • Prepare content for initiatives for the RED Social Innovation platform.
  • Participate in dissemination activities and workshops or creative sessions with entities and agents of the Red Innovation Platform.
  • Collaborate in content and news upload activities on the web:
  • Support in dissemination activities.
  • Participate in events to share your experiences and results.