Technology for Development and Cooperation (TEDECO)

TEDECO is a group specialized in communications technologies of the Technical University of Madrid, whose main objective is the use of new technologies to improve access to information and, therefore, to digital education for the population.

TEDECO has been working since 2006 in Africa and Latin America (Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, DRC, Sudan, El Salvador and Ecuador) and in European countries (Spain, France, Holland with the connect@ healthproject) to help the most vulnerable groups (elderly, women, immigrants, rural population) to access information through the use of technology.

It has developed the TechPeopleCaredigital literacy methodology in which people without previous digital knowledge are trained in the use of new technologies. It is individual and WITHOUT a teacher, so it is a sustainable and scalable innovation that can help to significantly reduce the digital divide.

Competences and Services:

  • Experts in digital literacy.
  • Usability of technology by people with no experience with technological devices.
  • Development of training materials in digital literacy for people without prior knowledge (eg connect@healthproject).
  • Development of user-friendly software for people without digital knowledge (eg project videollama.me).
  • Design and execution of massive digital literacy projects.

Contact: Susana Muñoz (susana@fi.upm.es)

Webpage: www.tedeco.org

Experiences notebook: