Exchange of experiences

Experiences of our students

The LAC Platform promotes the exchange of experiences of students and teachers as a strategy for generating new knowledge (theoretical – practical) that contributes to innovation for development.

The stays in the various countries of the region are opportunities for professional and personal growth for each student.

Coffee technology park – Tecnicafé

How much would you pay for a cup of coffee?

“I am Irene García Morales, a student of the Degree in Forest Engineering. I obtained a travel grant from the Technical University of Madrid for the completion of the end-of-course work, I traveled to Colombia and I was with the Municipal Agricultural Association of Piendamó in Cauca (Colombia) and UNICOMFACAUCA. Likewise, I collaborated with the IOM and the National Federation of Coffee Growers. My objective during the stay has been to develop a productive, social and environmental characterization that helps the organization’s baseline, and the community itself, to know what they are, their weaknesses and needs, specifically the environmental ones.

The work in the field has been to go farm by farm, farmer to farmer, conducting interviews and having conversations that always ended with a tinto (coffee) and with a “we hope you come back.” It is really what I have valued the most from all this experience, to be able to reach all these people, get closer to their reality and create processes that were enriching for me and for all of them. “

Experience in Cauca (Colombia)