Lockdown Economy Challenge: Sustainable and Innovative Entrepreneurship for Students

This program facilitates successful school-to-work transition, promotes active citizenship and sustainability education, by equipping students with the skills and network necessary to start their professional life.

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Accelerating Education for the SDGs: New Higher Education Sector Guidance on Education for Sustainable Development

This major new Guidance document supports universities in incorporating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) within their curricula and offers context, ideas and examples for staff and students.

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University volunteering at the Universitat de Girona

Through Volunteering, the UdG wants to influence the development of transversal skills of students to contribute to their training as active and socially responsible citizens.

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Vertically Integrated Projects for Sustainable Development

This case study shares the University of Strathclyde’s experience of embedding Research-Based Education for Sustainable Development in curricula, using an innovative RBE pedagogy called Vertically Integrated Projects for SDG-focused research.

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Embedding SDGs in University Pathways to Academic English and Research Skills

An interactive educational simulation designed to teach participants new ways to learn about and take action for the SDGs.

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Innovation in Engineering and Methods Courses: Action research and service learning for just sustainabilities

Working with interdisciplinary, multi-generational participants from government and citizens’ organizations, our Living Laboratory approach teaches contents, methods and hands-on learning as students develop solutions for pressing sustainability challenges.
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Policy for implementation of best practices of SDGs within the scope of theses, dissertations and other technical, scientific, technological productions and innovation of the Postgraduate Program in Natural Resource Management and Local Development in the Amazon (PPGEDAM) of the Environment Center (NUMA) of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA)

The theses, dissertations and scientific productions developed under the Postgraduate Program of PPGEDAM/NUMA/UFPA should refer to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to which they are aligned.

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SDG Impact Assessment Tool

SDG Impact Assessment Tool Description Institution Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development Organizations/areas of the university involved Teaching, utilization and research Country Sweden More information… sdgimpactassessmenttool.org/ https://www.unsdsn-ne.org/ Agenda 2030, with its …

Communication campaign on the SDGs: “Set your SDGoals! YOU are part of the chain towards sustainability!”

Communication campaign on the SDGs: “Set your SDGoals! YOU are part of the chain towards sustainability!” Description Institution Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universitat Politècnica de València UPV Organizations/areas of the …

Sustainable Solutions: Students Localize the SDGs in Philadelphia

Sustainable Solutions: Students Localize the SDGs in Philadelphia Description Institution University of Pennsylvania Organizations/areas of the university involved Undergraduates from four schools, several Penn research centers, city of Philadelphia, private …

Leveraging Local Knowledge through Global Practice

To establish a Master’s in Global Development Practice (MGDP) degree program at Harvard to prepare development practitioners with the knowledge and practical skills required to critically evaluate and address the multi-dimensional challenges of sustainable development.

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Value Creators, transformative learning and transdisciplinary approach to SDGs

Value Creators is an educational framework that allows students to become change agents by addressing Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with existing professional networks from different disciplines.

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Sustainable Solutions to Los Angeles’ Wicked Problems: Using Human Rights to Implement the SDGs in LA

The USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health, in partnership with the LA Mayor’s Office SDG initiative and other academic partners, trained undergraduate and graduate students in applying human rights concepts and methods to operationalizing the SDGs at a local level.

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