Community at large​

Cases that involve external partners, such as university networks, industry partners, or public services; community outreach and engagement activities; living labs outside the campus; etc.

Telkom University’s Socio-Eco-preneurship Project: Student Engagement to Implement the SDGs in Bandung Indonesia

“Socio-Eco-preneurship Project”, is a Project Based Learning (PBL) for graduate students in business management that tested the application of project management skills to operationalizing the SDGs at a local level.
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Sustainability course – developing an open interdisciplinary sustainability course to all students

Sustainability course is an interdisciplinary online course for all undergraduate students. It utilises engaging learning methods to empower students to gain expertise in understanding and solving complex sustainability challenges.
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Developing Intersectional Approaches to SDGs: Case of Migration

UNESCO Chair on International Migration established at Yasar University offers an intersectional approach by associating all its teaching and research activities with the SGDs. The case demonstrates how migration as a cross-cutting issue is researched at the university with reference to contributing SDGs especially by developing a wide range of national and international partnerships.
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Sustainable Development and Green and Digital Enterprises Innovations

This initiative is focusing on research and study programs on Green and Digital concepts towards gender- WOMEN AND YOUTHS empowerment for sustainable poverty, extreme hunger, climate change and social injustices eradication. It highlights areas of gender friendly Green and Digital Enterprises Innovations for sustainable living and development.

The SDG Undergraduate Research Group: Undergraduate Leadership in the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG Undergraduate Research Group (SURG) is an undergraduate-led learning and leadership group affiliated with the UC Berkeley Office of Sustainability and motivated by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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Ocean i3; transdisciplinar and cross border research based learning collaboration for ocean’s sustainability

Transdisciplinary, multilingual and intercultural educational innovation: students from two cross-border universities develop projects based on Mission-oriented Research and Innovation to contribute to the reduction of plastics on the Basque-Aquitanian coast.
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