Community at large​

Cases that involve external partners, such as university networks, industry partners, or public services; community outreach and engagement activities; living labs outside the campus; etc.

Partnerships for SDG integration in Education Institutions: evidence from the Sectoral Committee for Education and. Training (CS/11)

This practice describes the recent work of the Sectoral Committee for Education and Training (CS/11) namely the work of GT1 - Working Group for SGD integration in Education and Training Institutions (ETI) sharing information and experiences on a voluntary basis building partnerships through collaborative benchmarking processes.
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Sustainability course – developing an open interdisciplinary sustainability course to all students

Sustainability course is an interdisciplinary online course for all undergraduate students. It utilises engaging learning methods to empower students to gain expertise in understanding and solving complex sustainability challenges.
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SDGs Mobility Program and Global Citizenship Awareness

SDGs Mobility Program and Global Citizenship Awareness Description Institution UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE MADRID Organizations/areas of the university involved Vice-Chancellorship for Institutional Relations, Social Responsibility and Culture; and Office for Solidarity and Cooperation. Country Spain More information… UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE MADRID (UAM) has a long and lasting commitment to contribute to international development and sustainable challenges […]

CityAdapt: Partnerships with Universities for Long-term SDG Monitoring

A long-term research programme within university research institutions to monitor the benefits of the implemented urban Ecosystem-based Adaptation interventions in Mexico, El Salvador and Jamaica.
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Telkom University’s Socio-Eco-preneurship Project: Student Engagement to Implement the SDGs in Bandung Indonesia

“Socio-Eco-preneurship Project”, is a Project Based Learning (PBL) for graduate students in business management that tested the application of project management skills to operationalizing the SDGs at a local level.
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Innovation in Engineering and Methods Courses: Action research and service learning for just sustainabilities

Working with interdisciplinary, multi-generational participants from government and citizens' organizations, our Living Laboratory approach teaches contents, methods and hands-on learning as students develop solutions for pressing sustainability challenges.
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