Interdisciplinary learning for intersectional goals



Organizations/areas of the university involved



James Cook University’s (JCU’s) Master of Global Development (MGD) is Australia’s first pan-university postgraduate program in global development. Offering specialisation streams across all university colleges, the MGD offers an innovative framework for students to acquire the interdisciplinary skills required to address the complex, intersectional, challenges of the SDGs. The Master of Global Development offers specialisation streams in health, governance, disaster resilience and natural resource management, planning, indigenous futures, leadership and management, and research for global development.
The program is available globally, through internal and external delivery options, and includes students from around the world. JCU’s strong commitment to development in the Asia-Pacific and the Tropical world provides numerous opportunities for students to undertake international work-integrated-learning and graduate research opportunities. 

Results and impact measured or expected

The MGD commenced in 2019. Our aim is to provide students with the skills and expertise to address pressing global challenges. Through a multi-faceted approach to learning, the MGD provides students with the technical skills to take action on the SDG agenda, as well as the critical thinking skills and theoretical knowledge in global development that is required to deliver innovate responses to complex challenges.

Connection with the SDG framework

The SDGs framework informed the curriculum design of the MGD. Core subjects in the program provide students with theoretical knowledge in global development, practice-oriented skillsets, and research training. Elective subjects and specialisation streams attend directly to relevant SDG goals, as is reflected in JCU’s ongoing university-wide commitment to embed the SDGs into all subject delivery.

Barriers and follow up

As a new program, the MGD is yet to experience any significant barriers. One mechanism through which we are seeking to grow our program is through establishing an Advisory Committee of national and international experts and practitioners for periodic program review.

Updated June 2020 by Kearrin Sims