Development of the interface to control ROMERIN

Development of the interface to control ROMHEX

One of the great advantages of this project is that it has a graphical interface capable of communicating with any modular robot, in our case it will be for the hexapod robot ROMERIN.

For the control it was decided to use a gamepad connected to the tablet, is responsible for moving the entire robot and each of the motors from the legs separately. The controller consists of two joysticks and several buttons, which can be configured to perform actions on the robot by pressing them.

Main screen, physical gamepad mode

A virtual gamepad was also designed, it will be displayed on the screen whenever the tablet detects that it does not have any input device connected. Two screens will appear at the ends of the interface that simulate the controls, it is able to perform the same actions that the physical gamepad.

Sections of the main screen, virtual gamepad mode

Apart from the main screen, the interface is composed by the detail screen where you can see the cutting of a robot leg. This screen is made up of several parts, in the upper left you can see a miniature of the whole robot, which graphically represents, with a green shadow, the leg that is selected, helping to know which part of the robot is the information that is being viewed. While at the bottom right, you can see a table in which it is represented the angular position of the motors of the leg and the PWM of the suction cup.

Detail screen, physical gamepad mode

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