Advances in ROMERIN+ mechatronics: Electronic board, Legs and Case

Advances in ROMERIN+ mechatronics: Electronic board, Legs and Case

The electronic board is the robot’s brain, controls all its actions and has several features that improve the robot’s functionalities. For its design different versions had to be made with their corresponding improvements, finally the last design was obtained as shown in the image.                                                                                                                                                                                        This model has two distinct areas, one corresponding to the control and communications zone and the other to the power zone in order to avoid interference. The main features of this board is that contains:

– Input and output protection                                    

– Power distribution system     

 – System against short circuits

Final version of the ROMERIN+ board

In order to test the functionality of the robot as a leg, 4 were manufactured and attached to a symbolic body; as this is nothing more than a physical mean for the robots to hold themselves and be in a fixed position.        .                                                                                                                  This body, although it is not definitive, and valid only for tests, has been designed in a modular way so that it can house an even number of legs. Making possible to add intermediate modules, this means more legs to the body by lengthen the bars that connect both parts.


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