Assembly and Testing of the final version of ROMERIN+

Assembly and Testing of the final version of ROMERIN+

Several versions of the robot were discarded until the final design was obtained after modifying the wrist because the leg was not able to put its final end parallel with any surface. The solution was to add a new DoF to the wrist, which allowed it to rotate on its main axis, achieving the total positioning of the final part of the wrist.                                                                                            Finally, two new holders were added. One in the forearm to house the battery, a buzzer and an emergency switch; and another one in the arm to hold the board.

Final design of the ROMERIN+ leg

In relation with the assembly of this robot, it is a meticulous and precise process, which needs a specific order so that all parts fit as they should.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The main steps to be carried out are the assembly of the independent structures to be able to engage the motors and their corresponding cables, then comes the union between the different structures to fit the electronic board and the battery.

ROMERIN+ final leg model
Assembly of ROMERIN+

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