Test Bench

Manufacture of the test bench for the prototypes

Manufacture of the test bench for the prototypes

Daniel Brito has designed and built the testing platform for the different types of climbing prototypes. It is designed with AutoDesk in a way that allows testing of different surfaces, inclinations and situations.

The assembly is coated with 1cm DM plates, which allow them to be covered with a layer of concrete, or plaster, or with a plastic material, or even simulations of surface damage. It also allows you to verify that the controller works when there are surface orientation changes or grips in up to three different planes with a wide variety of angles.                                                        Regarding the protection of the prototypes, this structure has a rail through which the safety harness system designed is able to pick up the robot in case of any fall during the tests.

The following images show the process of the construction of the test bench from the design to its final built version.

3D design of the structure
3D design of the test bench
Manufacture of the test bench

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