Smart Suction Cup

Final design of the adhesion cup using a suction turbine

Final design of the adhesion cup using a suction turbine

At the beginning a first design was developed, shown in the image below, taking into account several theoretical and practical aspects. Once it was finished the design of the initial model, the evaluation of the prototype was carried out through experimental testing.

3D design of the preliminary rotor design
Preliminary 3D system assembly

In order to optimize the design, in terms of vacuum generation and power consumption, a computational model was developed using ANSYS simulation software.

Finally, based on the results obtained from a computational model, the final version is manufactured and the measurements are checked with experimental tests. The final design consists of a centrifugal rotor, driven by a brushless motor, which is installed inside a modular case with a coupling interface to the suction cup and the engine holder.

3D design of the optimized rotor
Optimized 3D system assembly

Once the optimization process is completed, the results obtained by the two systems are compared:

  • In terms of the amount of power consumed due to the amount of vacuum generated: the optimized model shows a 69.5% reduction in energy consumption and generates 4.4% more vacuum.
  • Regarding the vacuum generated as a function of the rotor rotation speed: the preliminary model needs a lower turning speed while the optimized model must rotate at a higher revolution to generate the same vacuum.

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