Simulation stage for the climbing hexapod robot

Simulation stage for the climbing hexapod robot

As ROMERIN was being manufactured, several simulations adapted to the hexapod robot were carried out through the V-REP software, developed by the company Coppelia Robotics.

The main objective is to capture the robot in the mentioned simulator, giving it its characteristics. Since this robot will have the complex task of inspecting ducts with difficult or no access it is necessary that the simulated model responds correctly to the different unforeseen events that may be in its way.

Simulation of the ROMERIN robot attached to the wall

In addition, all the robot control was developed externally in Python, making use of the remote API that allows you to control a V-REP simulation.

In order to observe which points are reachable by the end of the leg and which are not, the workspace (space where the robot can operate) has been obtained of one of the legs in order to be able to create in the future a modular robot from the design of ROMERIN where all the legs have the same design and the same programming.

Leg workspace from different perspectives

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