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Help us to engage in circular, sustainable and socio-citizen education.

An important part of CIRCLE lies on the student’s collaborative, interdisciplinary and transnational work to solve, from a circular economy approach, real problems introduced to them by different players, including local and national administration, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and non-governmental organizations.

These challenges will be addressed in diverse settings, such as webinars, meetings, and online teamwork, and will be discussed with our partners. To feed this innovative educational project we need your collaboration to collect challenges based on real-life problems.

We hope you become a CIRCLE partner by sending us your challenge(s). All it takes is to fill out the short form below and send it back to us by e-mail: (e-mail of the corresponding university). We will keep you posted on the results of the students’ teamwork and discussion and invite you to be part of our webinars and meetings.



Circular EELISA Community 

Nudging to Circular