The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA) is the first alliance of higher education institutions (graduate engineering schools, technology universities and full-spectrum universities) from different countries in Europe meant to define and implement a common model of European engineer rooted in society.

The UPM EELISA communities have organized eight UPM International Summer School courses. For more information on EELISA communities, see

Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Human Rights

Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly. There is a need to providing concrete tools for the introduction to ethical analysis.

This course is organized jointly with Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Dates 20/06 – 24/06
Schedule 10:00 – 18:00
Director María Celia Fernández
EELISA Community Ethics, Social Committment and Entrepreneurship
Delivery format Presencial

Emprendimiento Sostenible de Base Tecnológica: creación de modelos de negocio competitivos en el marco de los ODS

El entorno de competitividad empresarial evoluciona rápidamente hacia el paradigma del desarrollo sostenible. Actualmente se ve afectado por fuertes exigencias sociales y medioambientales canalizadas a través de la responsabilidad moral de las empresas y sus gestores/as, las peticiones la sociedad y sus grupos de interés, y las nuevas y futuras regulaciones impuestas por las administraciones públicas. El curso responde a la necesidad de conocer las claves de creación de modelos de negocio social y medioambientalmente sostenibles que den respuesta a estas nuevas exigencias.

Dates 20/06 – 06/07
Schedule 16:00 – 20:00
Director Jaime J. González
Location ETSISI
EELISA Community Ethics, Social Committment and Entrepreneurship
Delivery format Presencial

Análisis biomolecular de la biodiversidad vegetal: la solución adaptativa de las plantas al cambio climático

El objetivo general de este curso es enseñar la aplicación de las herramientas de biología molecular al estudio de la biodiversidad vegetal de cultivos de interés agronómico. Este curso se enmarca dentro de las actividades propuestas por la comunidad EELISA Green Planet.

Dates 04/07- 14/07
Schedule 9:00 – 13:30
Director Eva Miedes
Location ETSIAAB
EELISA Community EELISA Green Planet
Delivery format Presencial

The role of engineering in the new European innovation framework

European innovation projects aim to build the EU that we all want to live in. This course sets out to acquaint engineers with the singularities of innovation projects, innovation project workteams, consortia formation, the rules of the game of major European calls, as well as the roles of engineers, the national contact points and the evaluating experts. The EELISA project and the Discovery Community will serve as an example.

Dates 04/07- 08/07
Schedule 16:00 – 20:00
Director Lola Storch de Gracia
Location ETSII
EELISA Community EELISA Discovery
Delivery format Presencial + Retransmisión

Quality assurance and professional accreditation of engineering educational programmes

This EUR-ACE accreditation training workshop aims to prepare well-qualified engineering degree programme accreditation experts. This training course is delivered by experts who are certified accreditation evaluators and trainers. Participants who successfully complete this course will be ready to prepare their respective universities for international degree programme accreditation (including, but not limited to, the EUR-ACE certificate).

Dates 04/07 – 06/07
Schedule 4/7/ & 5/7 9:00-18:00 6/7 9:00-13:00
Directors Alberto Garrido/Luis Ricote
Organizer ENAEE (EELISA associate partner)
Location ETSIAAB
Delivery format Presencial

Service-Learning. A tool learn and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

As SL helps to guide excellence and creativity towards social transformation, the purpose of this course is to provide a useful tool to align higher education in the direction of SDGs and to turn awareness into commitment. To this effect, the course has been divided into two parts: an initial theoretical section in which the foundations of the methodology are laid down, as well as its application in relation to the achievement of the SDGs. A second practical section, focused on students producing specific proposals that facilitate the application and strengthening of SL in university today.

Dates 11/07 – 15/07
Director Consuelo Fernández
EELISA Community Egalitarian Societies: Opportunities for Everyone
Delivery format Online

Smarter Health Caring for Smarter Cities (SC2)

Smart cities aim to improve the quality the life of citizens by improving urban infrastructure, fostering innovation and enhancing the healthcare system. Smart healthcare uses the latest mobile and digital technologies to make advances in health systems. The course aims to bring together representative ofall health ecosystem stakeholders to meet students from different branches of knowledge taught at UPM to discuss possible solutions to unsatisfied urban healthcare needs.

Dates 11/07 – 21/07
Schedule 10:00 – 14:00
Director Jose Javier Serrano
Location ETSIT
EELISA Community Health in the City
Delivery format Presencial + Retransmisión

How to set up a citizen laboratory(CL)?

Citizen laboratories (CL) provide meeting places for cooperation, experimentation and collaborative prototyping of projects that seek to improve life together. Citizen laboratories are a model of institution that facilitates the creation of citizen science projects. Institutions that we have inherited such as universities, libraries, town halls, schools or health centers, can enable stable programs of citizen laboratories for the development of projects open to any participation and that seek to improve life together.

Dates 18/07- 22/07
Director Jorge Enrique Pérez
EELISA Community Egalitarian Societies: Opportunities for Everyone
Delivery format Online