Green Planet

The strong technical character of UPM, together with its significant strength in environmental disciplines, makes it possible to propose the GREEN PLANET community with the expectation of becoming a reference community in the EELISA Alliance.

The mission of GREEN PLANET is ‘Preserving our Green Planet with Intelligent Technology.’ Specifically, our overall goal is to achieve the following: Healthy Forests & Agricultural Lands and Greener Cities with a Zero Hunger Goal.

GREEN PLANET envisioned working areas at different scales from local to global. The working areas are: (1,2) Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture, (3) Impact and adaptation of climate change, (4) Natural Resource Management, (5) Restoring Degraded Ecosystems, (6) Improving the life of rural communities, (7) Keeping and improving genetic resources, and (8) Greening the Cities.

We plan to focus on capacities such as social and communication skills, economic and risk assessment, big data (including remote sensing), statistics and machine learning, strategy and leadership, engineering development, innovation strategies, experiment sketching and conceptualization, data provenance, and other technological skills.