2022 Activities

End-of-degree Thesis: Preformance and sustainability assessment of professional and domestic video displays

Author: Sergio Sanjuán Burgos mentored by José Manuel Menéndez García

The main objective of this work is the characterization of professional monitors in the Broadcast environment and the development of an evaluation plan to validate their performance, according to different standards such as EBU Tech 3320 and EBU Tech 3325, among others.


Seminars: Scientific Paper of the Future

Seminars in the AI master’s program given by Daniel Garijo


  1. Practice open science and reproducible research
  2. Get credit for all your research products
  3. Increase citations of your papers
  4. Write impressive Data Management Plans
  5. Extend your CV with data and software sections
  6. Improve the management of your research assets
  7. Reproduce your work from years ago and build on it
  8. Address new funder and journal requirements
  9. Attract transformative students
  10. Demonstrate leadership by stepping into the future

End-of-degree Thesis: Wizard for easily creating Research Objects

Author: Floriana Antonia Pavel mentored by Daniel Garijo

They have improved the system and fixed errors of the tool.

Available code: https://github.com/oeg-upm/ya2ro