Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  1. Students are required to apply via the UPM International Summer School registration system. All applications are provisional until payment is made by credit card or wire transfer. Following the provisional application, the participant will receive information about the payment options.
  2. Students requiring an invoice should check the respective box on the application form and submit the required documents. Students should not pay for their course until they receive the respective invoice.
  3. Registration closes on the date indicated on the website. If there are still course places available, the deadline may be extended at the discretion of the UPM International Summer School.


  1. Course admission takes place on a first come first served basis, provided students meet the admission requirements.

Cancellation by the UPM International Summer School

  1. For reasons beyond the control of the UPM International Summer School organizers (such as war, strikes, lockouts, riots or any such civil disturbances, any acts of God, including but not limited to earthquakes, floods and droughts and any other cause or circumstance of whatsoever nature), the organizers have the right to alter or cancel the UPM International Summer School, including courses, timetables, course instructors, course delivery mechanisms, services providers, e.g. student residences, tour guides, etc., directly and indirectly related to the UPM International Summer School.
  2. Additionally, the UPM International Summer School reserves the right to cancel any of its courses if they do not attract the minimum number of students. The UPM Summer School will inform participants within one week after the course closing date (for registration) by e-mail. Students should not make travel arrangements until they receive course confirmation.
  3. If the UPM International Summer School has cancelled the course, student registration will be annulled free of charge, and course fees already paid will be reimbursed as soon as possible. However, UPM International Summer School participants shall not be entitled to any compensation for damage resulting from the aforesaid alteration or cancellation. Neither shall the UPM International Summer School organizers be liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by participants, save wilful damage or gross negligence on the part of the organizers.

Cancellation by the participant

  1. Students have a right to withdraw from the course within 14 days as of the registration deadline.
  2. If the participant cancels later than 14 days after the registration date, the refund policy is as follows:
  • If the participant cancels more than four weeks before the start of the course, the UPM International Summer School will refund 85% of the full course fee (minus 15% administration fee).
  • If the participant cancels within four weeks before the start of the course, the full course fee will need to be paid.

Terms of payment

  1. Full payment of fees must be made to the UPM International Summer School before the first course session, and cannot be made retrospectively.
  2. If the course fee is not paid on time, the UPM International Summer School has the right to deny the student entrance to the course until the payment has been made.


  1. Students are responsible for their own insurance. They are strongly recommended to take out insurance to cover their health, liabilities, property during their stay in Spain. The UPM Summer School does not accept any responsibility for such risks as injury, illness, loss or damage to property, accidents, etc.

January 2022