Electronic Redesign of the ROMERIN++ controller

Electronic Redesign of the ROMERIN++ controller

The main objective is to obtain a generic board, valid for other robots, and simplified, to reduce its dimensions, but always maintaining the functionalities of the old model. 

At the end of the research process, different electronic designs are carried out, restoring the power distribution stage and the short-circuit protection system with other elements.

Before sending to manufacture the board, the 3D design was made using FUSION360. This program has been very useful for the organization and placement of the components on the PCB, since through the 3D models it is possible to check if there is any overlapping on the board. This preventive work has been key to achieve an assembly without any problem.

3D design of the electronic board

Once the entire design process is completed, the board is tested to ensure that it is functional, and the PCB design is sent to a foreign company to be manufactured.

Assembled electronic board

Finally, after verifying the operation of the most important stages of the circuit, an updated version is designed. The final version is updated to be able to couple the external module, which contains the original power distribution system, to the control board. To do this, the electronic schematic of the board was slightly modified and the relevant designs for the external module were created.

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