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RETHINK Project and Rural Prosperity: the Cork 2.0 Declaration

European Commissioner for Agriculture, Phil Hogan, welcomed the Declaration entitled "A Better Life In Rural Europe" presented to him by the participants of the Cork 2.0 Conference on 5-6 September 2016.

The first Cork conference 20 years ago essentially created the 2nd Pillar in the CAP. In the Cork 2.0 conference Janez Potocnik referred in his presentation to RETHINK PROJECT. The full presentation see: INNOVATIVE AND ALTERNATIVE DELIVERY MECHANISMSWith 85% of the EU territory managed by farmers and foresters, they are the guardians of the countryside and have a key role in providing important public goods in terms of protecting the rural environment. Ensuring fair and transparent contractual relations within the supply chain remains also one of the Commission's concerns.

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Promoting Rural Prosperity
The rural potential to deliver innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions for current and future societal challenges such as economic prosperity, food security, climate change, resource management, social inclusion, and integration of migrants should be better recognised. A rural proofing mechanism should ensure this is reflected in Union policies and strategies. Rural and agricultural policies should build on the identity and dynamism of rural areas through the implementation of integrated strategies and multi-sectorial approaches. They should promote diversification and foster entrepreneurship, investment, innovation and employment. These policies should also give value to rural identity and enhance sustainability, social inclusion and local development, as well as the resilience of farms and rural communities.Captura de pantalla 2016-09-30 19.37.13  IMG_20160924_154345

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