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Project Managers and Storytelling: “RETHINK project storytellings from 14 countries

Why Project Managers Need Storytelling Skills?. Managing projects requires a wide bandwidth of skills. Did you hear the one about why the project manager has to be a good storyteller? Well, let me tell it to you. The art of storytelling is essential to being a good leader. Whether you’re coaching your project team, representing your team and their projects to executive stakeholders, or communicating with external and internal customers you often achieve success through the stories you tell. The act of storytelling is present in every culture. Storytelling, when done well, can move people to take action.

RETHINK Storytellings, leaflets and posters from 14 countries published

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Leaflets and posters introducing each of the 14 case studies have been prepared for initial presentation at the RETHINK Final Conference. Both publications tell some key stories from the cases studied and provide the main lessons learned. They present the essence of the comprehensive Opens internal link in current windowcase study reports.

The Spanish (UPM-GESPLAN Team), Austrian and French teams were awarded book prizes for their posters by an independent jury. Their works were evaluated as particularly relevant for addressing the core RETHINK questions, and exceptionally innovative and effective in communicating research results. All leaflets and posters are available together with the presentations from the Final Conference Opens internal link in current windowhere. A Policy Brief that is currently being finalised (the final draft is available Opens internal link in current windowhere) aims to inform decision-makers in the private and public sectors. It builds on the comparative analysis and relates the project’s findings to the relevant European policy frameworks, in particular the ‘Europe 2020’ strategy, the Rural Development Regulation (RDR), and the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI). This and a set of seven peer-reviewed scientific publications that are being elaborated now will conclude the RETHINK project.

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For those who are interested, there are links on basic techniques, but also very importantly the increasing use of “on-line story-telling”.