Protections 2014 Book

Protections 2014 Book

In the last decades, the technology of dam protection has undergone major advancements. The increasing demand for safety in modern society has created the need for cost-effective measures to protect critical infrastructure such as dams. This situation has resulted in the drafting of new regulations and technical manuals in countries like Norway, Sweden, and the USA, among others.

“Dam Protections against Overtopping and Accidental Leakage” includes the latest advances in dam protection and a portfolio of applications in representative case studies. The main topics include:

  • Failure of embankment and concrete dams due to overtopping or accidental leakage.
  • Hard protections for embankment dams (RCC, wedge-shaped blocks, reinforced concrete slabs).
  • Soft protections for embankment dams (rockfill toes, articulated concrete blocks, vegetation cover).
  • Concrete dam protections and additional issues directly related to dam protections.

Published by CRC Press/Balkema, the book contains a selection of the proceedings of the 1st International Seminar on Dam Protections against Overtopping and Accidental Leakage (Madrid, Spain, 24-26 November 2014) and also a summary of the technical manual “Overtopping Protection for Dams”, published by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in March 2014. Provides a comprehensive summary of dam protections, covering case studies and applied research worldwide, and will be invaluable to professionals and academics in Dam Engineering.

Keynote lectures

  • Technical manual: Overtopping protection for dams (T.E. Hepler)
  • Review of embankment dam protections and a design methodology for downstream rockfill toes (R. Morán)
  • Flood overtopping protection for concrete dams (W.R. Fiedler)

Failure of embankment dams due to overtopping or accidental leakage

  • Dam failures of embankment dams caused by overtopping or accidental leakage – New aspects for breach widening and deepening processes (A. Vogel, J.-R. Courivaud & K. Jarecka)
  • Failure of dams due to overtopping – A historical perspective (M.J. Harris)
  • Overtopping and internal erosion on small dams in Burkina Faso (A. Nombré, E.A. Somda, M. Kabore & F. Millogo)
  • Failure of the downstream shoulder of rockfill dams in overtopping or accidental leakage scenario (M.Á. Toledo, H. Campos, Á. Lara & R. Cobo)
  • Structural failure of the clay core or the upstream face of rockfill dams in overtopping scenario (M.Á. Toledo, R.M. Alves & R. Morán)
  • Simulation of the beginning of failure in rockfill dams caused by overtopping (A.Larese, R. Rossi & E. Oñate)
  • CFD study of the time dependent flow pattern around the slope of rockfill dams in overtopping scenario (J. San Mauro, M.Á. Toledo & R. Morán)

Soft protections for embankment dams

  • Design of overtopping-resistant rockfill dams (M.Á. Toledo & L. Morera)
  • Isoresistant double slope for the optimization of overtopping-resistant rockfill dams (M.Á. Toledo & L. Morera)
  • Practical challenges and experience from large-scale overtopping tests with placed riprap (P.H. Hiller & L. Lia)

Hard protections for embankment dams

  • Continuously-reinforced concrete slab spillways built over embankment dams in Spain: Molino de la Hoz and Llodio Dams (R.M. Alves & R. Morán)
  • Comprehensive literature review on dam overtopping incidents (N. Tavakoli)
  • Barriga Dam spillway: a case study of wedge-shaped blocks technology (R. Morán & M.Á. Toledo)
  • Physical and numerical modeling for understanding the hydraulic behavior of Wedge-Shaped-Blocks spillways (F.J. Caballero, F. Salazar, J. San Mauro & M.Á. Toledo)

Masonry dams failure due to overtopping and its protections

  • Failures of masonry or concrete dams by overtopping (A. Vogel, F. Laugier & E. Bourdarot)
  • Laboratory measurements and numerical simulations of overtopping nappe impingement jets (J.M. Carrillo & L.G. Castillo)
  • Characterization of the dynamic actions and scour estimation downstream of a dam (L.G. Castillo & J.M. Carrillo)
  • Highly-converging chutes as an overtopping protection for concrete dams: physical and numerical modelling (L. Morera, J. San Mauro, F. Salazar & M.Á. Toledo)


  • Probabilistic methods for hydrologic dam safety analysis (I. Flores, A. Sordo-Ward & L. Garrote)
  • Two-dimensional direct rainfall hydraulic models applied to direct calculation of hydrologic events in dams to prevent overtopping (P. Batanero, I. Martínez & E. Martínez)
  • CFD analysis of flow pattern in labyrinth weirs (F. Salazar, J. San Mauro, E. Oñate & M.Á. Toledo)
  • Analysis of the design of energy-dissipating structure in spillways (I. Robles, A. Palacio & A. Rodríguez)

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