What to publish

This blog was designed for short articles/posts between 200 and 500 words, up to a maximum of 1000, as an introduction to a certain subject detailed in a scientific paper, web page, etc., where some pictures or tables can be used if needed. References to the detailed description of the post’s subject can be made by means of hyperlinks attached to the text. 

How to publish

If you want to contribute with your knowledge on themes related to dam failures and dam protections against overtopping and accidental leakage, please be free to join the Protections Community sending us your Name and E-mail to This step is needed to add you to the blog’s author database. After that, you will be assigned an Author profile that will allow you to write articles that will be published after the previous approval of the blog editors. To write an article, follow the instructions given on the password-protected page for authors. After registration, you will receive the password to access the page.