SSERIES EELISA community has participated in the I EELISA International Conference, held in Universitatea Politehnica din București (UPB), Bucharest, 4-6 October 2023. Our contributions have been:

1) ‘Math and dance’. Project Presentation in the frame of ‘When Arts meet Science’. Mariló López & Miguel Ureña.

2) ‘Building diverse and inclusive research and innovation communities’. Presentation + Discussion. Mariló López.
3) ‘SSERIES community: Interdisciplinary Science in EELISA‘. Abstract presentation. María-Jesús Vázquez-Gallo.
4) ‘The role of Mathematics in EELISA’. Presentation + discussion. Andrea Tellini (Chair) & Juan Carlos Nuño & Miguel Ureña & María-Jesús Vázquez-Gallo.

You can find some news about the conference on EELISA’s website:

In particular, some pictures can be found at:

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