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The 7th and last Consortium Meeting of the RAYUELA project took place last week. This meeting took place in Zagreb, Croatia, thanks to the organisation of our partners ALL DIGITAL and taking advantage of the ALL DIGITAL SUMMIT 2023 event that was held in the same place.

The RAYUELA meeting discussed issues related to the end of the project and the general review meeting. It was attended by our colleagues Manuel Álvarez-Campana and Sonia Solera representing the UPM and as leaders of a work package of the project.

In addition, Sonia Solera participated in the ALL DIGITAL SUMMIT 2023 as a speaker, talking about the impact that certain technological aspects have on society. Specifically, showing the results of RAYUELA, from research to policy, generating guidelines to follow to prevent, detect and mitigate the effects of cybercrime.

RAYUELA project website: https://www.rayuela-h2020.eu

ALL DIGITAL SUMMIT 2023: https://all-digital.org/all-digital-summit-2023/all-digital-summit-programme-2023/