Current research activities of the RSTI group are built over three main pillars:

  • Internet of Things: Sensor networks. Rapid prototyping with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. IoT communications (WiFi, ZigBee, BLE, NFC, LTE, M2M, …). Protocols (MQTT, CoAP). Application to Smart Cities, Retail, Mobility & Transport, Public Safety, …,Data Analytics and Visualization. Remote configuration and management. Web based dashboards.
  • Advanced Wireless Communications Technologies (5G/6G). Core Network deployments. Evaluation of Network Elements performance. Data and Signalling Traffic Generator. Programable Data Planes, DPDK, P4, Protocol Independent Switching Architecture (PISA). Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC).
  • Cybersecurity: Dynamic risk management. Cybersecurity Awareness. Application of Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity (Machine Learning and Ontologies-based Expert Systems)- Detection and response to intrusions. Simulation and training. Visualization and tracing of cyberattacks. Protection of critical infrastructures.
The specific areas of expertise of the RSTI group also include:

  • Data analytics: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent Algorithms. Generation and training datasets.
  • Big data architectures and services: storage technologies (HDFS, noSQL, …)., massive data processing (Spark, Scala, …) and visualization (D3.js, R, …)
  • Virtualization and services in the cloud: Virtual machines, light containers. Cloud architectures. NFV and SDN.
  • Communication Networks and Services: Internet. Mobile Communication Networks (GSM/UMTS/LTE/5G). Traffic engineering. Simulation. Quality of Service.
  • Evaluation of network performance. Traffic Engineering.
  • Internet services and applications: web (HTML5) and mobile (Android, iOS) applications. Responsive design. MVC and Reactive functional model.
  • Network management. Integrated management of heterogeneous environments. Semantic based techniques. Formal integration of information and behavior. Management instrumentation functions in distributed applications.
  • Multimedia IP: VoIP, SIP, WebRTC. MPEG-DASH. IP Multimedia Subsystem.

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