QCDI: A Hyper Automated, Accesible and Cyber-secure Quantum Resistant Digital Twin based on Extreme Data Mining

The RTSI group participates in the QCDI project financed through NextGenerationEU funds within the Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia within the Misiones program of the CDTI (Center for Technological and Industrial Development), under the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

QCDI will research technologies and their application to an accessible cybersecure quantum digital twin. It will be the proof of concept to be used in industrial environments  where companies can apply the project result outcomes to functional daily usage (simulation, predictive maintenance, performance and value chain improvements, estimating equipment life time, reduction of energy consumption,…) as well as security, robustness and interactive visualization.

The QCDI project will be carried out through a consortium of companies made up of Bosch, Repsol, Barna Steel, Enzyme and Multiverse. The RSTI research group participates in the project providing support to the Enzyme company in various work packages of the project. The project, with a start date of November 2022, has a duration of 32 months and a total budget of 5,935,374.00 euros.