RAYUELA Project – 4th Consortium Meeting 

The 4th Consortium Meeting of the RAYUELA was held this month. All partners involved in the project have met during two days to discuss the status of the work packages and analyze the overall status of the project. The work package leaders have presented their progress in the last 6 months of the project as well as the next steps to be taken.

This meeting took place in Bilbao, at the facilities of the partner TECNALIA, which provided them for this meeting. However, the meeting was held in mixed mode, so that some partners who could not attend the meeting met in online mode.

For our part, UPM has led a work package based on technology assessment and IT threat landscape. That is why our contributions are those related to the study of the increasing adoption of IoT and connected devices by young people. In this sense, our technical profile is ideally suited to analyze the main security and privacy weaknesses in connected devices, and provide the measures to be taken to protect them against cyber-attacks and data leaks.

In addition, together with COMILLAS, a survey has been carried out in order to find out first-hand which are the favorite devices of the minors, the most used ones and their perception of the risk they have during their use.

In fact, it is also of great interest to know which are the social media they use the most, since through them multiple cybercrimes to be considered in RAYUELA project are carried out. These are cyberbullying, online grooming, human trafficking and misinformation. In this sense, the role of technology and social media in these cybercrimes has also been studied.

Among the tasks carried out under UPM supervision, and thanks to the participation of Law Enforcement Agencies, the impact of new models or Cybercrime-as-a-Service exploiting IoT vulnerabilities has been studied. 

Our colleagues Mario Vega, Manuel Álvarez-Campana and Sonia Solera attended these meetings on behalf of UPM and as responsible for the performance and/or supervision of the aforementioned tasks. RAYUELA project web: