X1RedMasSegura 2019

On May 10 and 11, it took place ‘X1RedMásSegura 2019’, the event of cybersecurity for adults and kids.

This event included a slot focused on talent in Spain and the problem of companies to find it, as well as the way forward for all those young people who want to dedicate themselves to cybersecurity. RSTI Group Professor Víctor A. Villagrá has participated in this colloquium with his views and opinions about the talent of junior specialists just graduated.

The event included fun and practical talks, both for adults in general and for family audiences, as well as workshops for kids about robotics, cryptography and social networks, among other topics of interest. There were about 200 participated assistants who came from different parts of Spain.

The basic principle of Internet security is to maintain common sense, just like we would in real life. But if we also know the intentions and weaknesses of those who threaten our security, we can avoid being the object of their attacks.

X1RedMasSegura emerges with the motivation to educate Internet users about the fact that, in any moment, they can be the target of any of the multiple cybersecurity attacks around the world. Teaching how to live in a digital world safely is the goal of the X1RedMásSegura initiative, which this year has celebrated its seventh year of life. It is a forum in which, the reference hackers and cybersecurity experts in Spain, offer fun talks about all kinds of topics -from security in social networks, to assistants personal or how to become a hacker- in a relaxed and open environment.