CTF Cibersecurity Training Competition in Collaboration with INDRA

Indra, in collaboration with ETSIT and UPM RSTI Grou, within the framework of UPM Cybersecurity Master Programme, have tested the capabilities of the new generation of experts in cyber defense.

The students faced last Thursday, May 9, some of the challenges that would be encountered in the event that a terrorist group or an enemy country tried to take advantage of cyberspace to attack companies or basic services in their country. The attendees faced these challenges in the environment endowed with maximum realism that provided the Indra Cyber ​​Range platform.

This is the same field of operations for which the experts of the Joint Spanish Cyber ​​Defense Command, NATO and different European and Ibero-American armies, as well as EU police forces, have already passed. Over it, the students of the Degree in Telecommunications Technologies and Services Engineering (GITST) and the Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (MUIT) carried out an exercise in forensic analysis, in which they had to investigate an attack and collect all possible evidences.

On the other hand, the students of the Cybersecurity Master carried out a penetration or black box pentesting training to identify the vulnerabilities of a network and another one of steganography or detection of hidden information in digital files.

The completed tests on CyberRange allowed future professionals to check their theoretical knowledge when applied to real environments. Indra's platform incorporates gamification techniques to promote competitiveness. It also speeds up learning by adapting the test to the level of each participant.

The students connected with their own computer to the platform that is hosted in the cloud, in the Indra Data Processing Center, which is located a building equipped with maximum security measures and that complies with NATO standards.

RSTI Group professor Víctor A. Villagrá, as director of UPM Cybersecurity Master Programme,  has coordinated the competition with the INDRA team.