Our projects


Re-inventing the “European engineer”.


Abandoned agricultural lands.


Copernicus for forescasting rainfed crops.


Mapping Land Use Change.


An information system to assess Global Ecosystem Dynamics.

Previous projects

Operational monitoring and Forecasting system for Resilience of agriculture and forestry under intensification of the WAteR cycle: a big Data approach”.TSK ELECTRÓNICA y ELECTRICIDAD SA
Dynamic mapping of bare soil and crop residues in Mediterranean agricultural regions using remote sensing time series.Research National Plan
Management of residues and evaluation of two types of sowing machines in conservation tillage systems: crop development and evolution of weeds.CICYT (AGL 2007-65698-C03- 01)
Methodology for integrating remote sensing information for the prevention of forest fires through statistical prediction.Fundación MAPFRE
Prediction of reference Evapotranspiration in stations of the SIAR network in Spain by means of Statistical Analysis of time seriesTragsaTec.
Technical assistance “Evaluation of the wind and hail series for the Iberian Peninsula”.EG REinsurance AG España
Technical assistance “Considerations on the nature explosive cyclogenesis of extra-tropical cyclone Klaus that occurred during January 2009  Rinsurer KRG- AG
Consulting and technical assistance for the implementation in the environmental sector of new technologies and advanced methodologies with hyperspectral sensors  EGMASA (A. de Medioambiente de Andalucía)
Technical assistance “Data analysis support for the Hyperval project. Processing and analysis of hyperspectral information generated by airborne sensors, AHS and CASI on board airplanes and acquired by the INTA”  INTA