Group of Earth Observation for Quantitative Biosphere Dynamics


Our interest is to develop models to evaluate and quantitatively and operatively monitor the dynamics and processes of the Biosphere, including the function and structure of ecosystems in forest and agricultural environments, water resources and the effect of climate changes. With this purpose, we have joined forces and knowledge of several teachers in a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to create synergies by integrating different capacities. A very novel line is the quantitative analysis of time series in the geographic domain that allowed us to carry out the advanced mapping of changes in the surface of the Earth. This way of working is part of the Big Data concept and the methodologies of Artificial Intelligence.

The most experienced group members have been working on this topic for more than 10 years, having generated several tests and articles.



Other research lines are:

  • Development of quantitative methodologies to analyze biosphere dynamics and phenological patterns with remote sensing information.
  • Use of hyperspectral information for soil conservation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of forest fires, and vegetation recovery dynamics after fires (based on remote sensing)
  • Energy balance in rainfed farming systems
  • Development of vegetation indices based the spectral shape in the optical range
  • Inventory of forests and vegetation using digital models derived from LIDAR and RPAS
  • Statistical modeling of biosystem dynamics
  • Acquisition of information and construction of time series to monitor the dynamics of the Earth’s Surface.