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STAR-CCM+ messes up python3 – linux

Just a quick note in case somebody looks this up. Siemens’ Simcenter STAR-CCM+, a fine CFD program, has a funny way of installing itself on linux. It will modify /etc/profile this way

What it does, it changes your PATH so that “python3” now means “/opt/Siemens/15.04.010/STAR-CCM+15.04.010/star/bin/python3” (run which python3 to check this). (The actual version number may change on your system, of course.)

Also, notice /opt/Siemens/15.04.010/STAR-CCM+15.04.010/star/bin/python3 gets added TWICE to the PATH variable. That’s because I installed two times… it may appear many times, I guess. That would mean that “uninstall” does not work as well.

So, I would suggest eliminating those sections, even if uninstall may complain in the future, and creating a new small script with them, that should be run when STAR-CCM+ is needed. All that, as admin, of course.

Otherwise, many python3 applications may not work (it happened with me with calibre, for example).

Or, just comment out those block, and remember to uncomment them when you need to run STAR-CCM+. That’s dirty, but ok as long as you don’t use it too often.

Actualización. ¡It was also messing my installation of aquagpusph ! A more elegant way is simple to reverse the path-altering command:


instead of



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