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Innovation in Education

The members of our research group are part of two groups devote to innovated in education:

  • AgSystems.
  • Árbol.

These groups share the same objectives and conduct activities either oriented to the develop tools to teach aspects of general agronomy or more specific topics on tree culture and management.We are also involved in developing graduate student programs, master and PhD. Activities conducted:

1. Development of tools to promote active learning in Agronomy.

We developed two electronic tools to solve exercises relate with two major topics in agronomy:

  • Crop water requirements and irrigation programming.
  • Soil organic matter equilibrium andorganic residue management in agricultural systems. The student can modify input variables and create different case studies, comparing the results.

Both programs are copy right registered andare free distributed after demand with a user manual. Language: Spanish.

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2. Planting a fruit orchard in the School of Agricultural Engineering (ETSIA).

This activity focus on the student’s involvement in the various phases of planting an orchard.Including the soil and climate study, planting design, purchasing the trees, marking field layout,
plant handling and planting, etc. Many students from different disciplines were involved in this activity, giving the opportunity to develop team work skills, resolution of practical problems,
information search and personal initiative. Activities were reported by photographs and videos for future use in teaching.  

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3. Graduate student programs Master and PhD
Agro-environmental Technology for sustainable agriculture Technology for human development and cooperation