Research Group on Agricultural Systems

The Research Group on Agricultural Systems (AgSystems) is a consortium of university researchers from the Departments of "Producción Agraria" of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Ten members of the group hold doctoral degrees, one of whom participate as associate member from other Universities or Research Centres that work closely with us.

Our main area of research is the study of management and productivity of agricultural systems and their relation to environment. The final objective is implementing sustainable intensification of production systems to increase resilience under climate variability and change. To this end, AgSystems supports research projects that combine field experiments and simulation models. The main research lines are:

  • Water and nitrogen management in agricultural systems.
  • Modelling crops and cropping systems.
  • Uncertainties associated with the impact of climate change. Adaptations

AgSystems addresses basic as well applied research, paying attention to technology transfer through collaboration with private enterprise, central and regional administrations, and through the generation of simulation models linked to Decision Support Systems. 

The University environment of AgSystems gives the consortium a strong teaching and training character. Other AgSystems activities include an "Education Innovation Group" and "International Cooperation Group for Development”.